Five Degrees is a financial technology provider delivering next generation banking software to retail and private banks. Our client and partner base encompasses retail banks, asset managers, online savings banks and greenfield operations in the financial services industry.

Matrix, our proven core BPM banking solution, offers a future facing fully automated banking services platform supporting any segment, product or channel through a rich mid office environment, connected to any (legacy) back-office, or the available Matrix back office. Matrix operates in a fully automated model with an unparalleled level of self service at every touch point giving both customer and bank instant insight and control in the process. The Web-based mid office portal offers benefits in terms of efficiency in adapting new business processes on the go. The open services platform integrates with any external service like KYC checks, passport validation, PFM, etc. or any external banking services requested. Clients deploy the technology through a portal in a number of pre-defined flavours: full retail and SME banking, savings bank, private banking or micro finance.




Quick response to new opportunities

Every day changes and challenges arise. Respond fast to new compliance and regulation, introduce new products and services when the customers need them. Be the first mover.


Customer engagement at work

Customers expect to bank anytime, anywhere and in any way they like, realtime and in full control over their financial affairs. Offer them that service, be pro-active and transparent in every contact and channel.


Build or buy now, use for decades

Agile does not mean fragile – new technologies such as SOA are robust, scalable and flexible for a variety of deployments. Cloud and SAAS based services approach the banking world too and can bring significant benefits for years to come.


Processes as the carrier for the customer experience

In every bank efficient processes are key to maximise customer experience, conversion and reduce cost. Design and change your workflows easily and optimise your business.


Connect the world to your bank

Third party relationships are here to stay, you need them to create efficiency or to be a top player in a particular segment. Build your own eco system that gives your customers what they need with a click and connect modern infrastructure.