Tomorrow’s winning financial institutions will master the ultimate customer-journey and will operate in a highly cost-efficient manner while staying in full control of all processes and risks. As the back office systems will remain operating as they do currently, it is our belief that the functionality and the ability to change and adapt to constantly changing market-conditions and client-demands will have to take place in the mid- and front office.

Banks will also deliberate on how to run their organisation. In the established inhouse deployment model that gives ultimate control or as an eco-system based service in the cloud that allows them to connect and adapt instantly to new services and new customers. One is not to be preferred over the other, all depends on the bank’s business model. Banking for the (un)derbanked in a highly mobile environment asks for a different business model compared to running a high net worth finance house with a wealth of sophisticated products. A clean and modern retail bank with highly commoditised services is possible too.

Matrix has broken the mould of 40 years of core banking technology with its customer experience driven platform: a business process engine with unparalleled flexibility that actively puts the data where it needs to be.

The business choice is yours, our technology can be yours too.