We call this universal banking – a firm and solid basis of technology for the core banking needs of a person in whatever role of life. For the banking relationship hinges on people, their roles and needs, not functions. The people decide which bank to bank with, they no longer allow the bank to pigeonhole them for their own efficiency. A modern bank responds by giving them what they need at that moment in time without losing sight of the full picture of their daily life and transactions. This is the way to win their business, all of their business.

So we no longer refer to retail, SME or corporate banking, but to universal banking – one platform that allows you to build exactly the solution that person needs at that moment in time. A mother, a business man, a corporate CFO, a globe trotter ‘doing the London Fashion Week’ or a student enrolling to college in Africa. Matrix is all about discrimination, no one is treated equally. Everyone gets his or her own experience, efficiently derived of one common platform.

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