Matrix: one platform for all clients

Matrix is an orchestrating banking hub consisting of a set of modules that have been developed to be the ultimate banking experience, determined by role, location and time. The solution covers both the needs of retail customers as well as SME and corporate clients.  It is fully customer-oriented and has been implemented to equip your bank with web- and mobile banking applications that focus on security, reliability and ease of use for online users.

The platform provides customers with access and management to accounts including account summary, account history, account statements, cards management and payments. It also enables online customers to open, close, and manage term deposits for predefined periods. The system makes sure that online users get an innovative and modern user interface for all journeys.

Matrix is aimed at full STP end to end transactions enabling both clients and banks to work faster and more efficient by removing manual steps in the process. Clients who access the bank via an online channel such as an App or a website are able to do transactions such as payments, the creation or cancellation of contracts, and even onboarding without any human interference.

Matrix can be tailored to support unique client and customer service processes and also supports multi access. Whereas other vendors might speak of front office and channel solutions, we offer a device agnostic presentation layer, able to access common information through a centralized repository of all processes and client data.

With Matrix’s communication modules the management of incoming and outgoing emails and other communications such as chat, voice and video for retail customers becomes easy, even with hundreds of thousands of customers.

Matrix will automatically categorize incoming emails and link them to the customer’s file. Outgoing emails and messages can be generated from predefined templates and can easily be sent to a specific client or group of clients. Call center functions are also integrated; both incoming and outgoing calls are treated like any other form of communication, irrespective of their type they can be automatically registered in the client file. Accessible to all predefined users, so bankers and clients have a fully transparent view on current status and actions.

SME and corporate

Banks often try and accommodate the needs of their business customers in system solutions made for Retail. This will create a pear-shaped landscape where both relationships and structures are not handled efficiently. With the clean business process approach of Matrix we offer an entity structure which fully supports the complexities of business banking. Both workflows and relationships are in line with requirements of the regulators to uphold connections between related parties and prudential grouping of corporations and their pledges/guarantees.

Onboarding of business accounts can be cumbersome and time consuming and in the past not considered a feasible process to place online for business customers wanting to enroll without having to visit the branch. Matrix however has the ability to bridge this need and ships with onboarding processes for corporations using online access only. A complete data model supports the gathering of information and flexible relationship structures ensure the correct registration of all related parties. Although not all steps in the process are handled automatically within the bank, our processes make sure the client and bank employee have full and transparent insight and can work securely and efficiently online without the client having to visit a branch office.

Matrix is tackling another vital aspect of the business banking relationship: corporate lending.  The issuance of business loans is often burdened by numerous visits of the prospect to the banks’ branches in the gathering of information and the heavy weight of the central credit processes within banks. Bringing these processes online using the efficient Matrix corporate lending process flow in addition to making use of already available external services to identify and verify will significantly drop the lending cost and enhance the customer experience throughout. Business users are busy with their business and they highly value a bank that ‘takes care of the rest’.