Banking to the highest standard

Matrix was initially developed to the highest and most complex degree of demands: as a private banking and corporate banking solution. Once we were confident we could handle the complexity in an efficient manner we set-up a universal banking platform.

The functional aspects have remained intact and brought into a predefined Wealth Management solution. This solution is the face of modern wealth management: supporting niche and complex products with an instant and ‘concierge like’ level of service: whatever, wherever, however the customer wants.

Matrix Wealth Management is highly flexible and therefore easily adaptable to different core banking systems and can be scaled, where required, to support other business sectors’ needs. The system was originally built using a best practice approach for corporate banking structures where an entity structure is required with multiple participants and many types of relationships. This is why the system can support the different private banking products whilst at the same time automating all of the business processes. The system is designed to grow with the business and all modules are equipped with both role- and claim based access. The system can be deployed on a ‘use as you grow' basis, activating certain niche parts long after the initial go live stage.

Matrix Wealth Management provides an easy way for customers to view their financial information at any given time on any device with instant access to the service or call center. Bankers and call center agents have the exact same view their customers have.

When drilling down in the dashboard, customers have full access to information regarding their portfolio accounts, cash accounts, loans, term deposits, securities, derivatives, FX-positions, bank statements, and other customized asset classes.  The online design is fully detached from the business modules. This allows web designers to be in full control of the customer journey and come up with the most modern design and navigation at the time of implementation.