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Why are more and more banks using Matrix? Because our next-generation digital banking platform provides the building blocks needed to build a truly customer-centric, agile, digital bank. Because it provides high quality, flexible, customer services on any device. Because it breathes new life into exisiting legacy systems. Because it provides the modern, digital, core banking platform for challenger banks.


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"Matrix, from the point-of-view of managing the data and ensuring the correct flow of that data, is a robust platform, bringing a good level of stability and playing an important role."

Andrew Fay, CEO & Co Founder - munnypot.com

what Matrix is all about. 

Business process management

  • The BPM component efficiently manages, visualises and logs all banking processes. This includes client on-boarding and maintenance of any financial product or service, plus KYC and other compliance related processes.
  • It is honed for straight-through processing, initiating communication with clients, monitoring balances or outside events, checks external services to validate steps and logs all processes.
  • It allows users with the appropriate authorisation to be part of any workflow.
Business Process Management
Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management

  • Matrix is often taken to be the one source of customer information within an organisation.
  • It supports full customer and prospect data for retail banking, SME banking and wealth management.
  • Details that can be stored including relations between entities, multiple addresses, KYC, application access, web access, cards and questionnaire.
  • Alerts and follow-ups can be set.
  • All actions related to an entity, such as tasks, workflows, journals, emails and documents are stored in the CRM and accessible to all channels.

Document management

  • Allows the user to store/upload, view/download, edit meta data and delete files.
  • Files can be documents and media files in different formats.
  • Incoming documents (via email or scanner) are stored in the Matrix database or an external data storage.
  • Files can be connected to workflow so that, for instance, an incoming document is assigned to the right department or employee.
  • A folder structure at the client level allows access restrictions to a folder or file level.
  • Matrix has document generation capabilities using document templates and can connect to external document generation tools. 
Document management
Bank templates

Bank templates

  • A bank using Matrix can create its specific set-up by using templates and template editors. Matrix supports templates for workflows, messages, documents, forms and questionnaires.
  • Matrix is shipped with reference templates that can easily be adjusted to the banks’ requirements. New templates can also be created from scratch or by re-using elements from existing templates.
  • Workflow templates are used to define workflows by dragging and dropping activities in the desired order.
  • Message templates are used to define emails and sms messages. The body of messages can contain data from data sources coming from the CRM database or external sources.
  • Form templates are used to create online forms for both the customer portal and the employee portal.

Open APIs

  • Matrix is a fully open system, with functionality exposed as services.
  • This reflects its modern, three layer architecture.
  • As such, it can be readily be integrated with internal or external systems, allowing a ‘plug and play’ approach.
  • The Open API layer is ideally adapted to ‘marketplace banking’, whereby banks offer a range of in-house and third-party products and services.
Ope APIs
Matrix accounts

Matrix accounts

  • Matrix accounts is a no-frills, products focused core banking solution that is natively integrated with the Matrix banking platform.
  • It features an integrated product builder that supports full configuration of banking products without any coding.
  • Matrix accounts supports cash products: Current accounts, Savings accounts, Consumer loans, Asset-backed loans, Term deposits, FX contracts. 

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