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5 From Five Degrees… On Acing Your Digital Banking Projects!

In this new blog series, we set out to share our thoughts on key subjects around digital banking, based on our extensive experience and vision on the digital core banking landscape. Our first blog is ...

Five Great Reads On Five Degrees

As Five Degrees we are growing rapidly. This growth is also recognized by several media outlets, as we were featured by many of them over the past months. In case you missed any of them, we hereby ...

How Banking Technology Helps The Homeless In A Cashless Society

A Barclays branch in London celebrated the 50th anniversary of their first cash dispenser by covering it in gold. This celebration is a contrast with the shift towards a cashless society. People use ...

Five Degrees Launches FX Payment Solution

There is lot of demand from SMEs for faster, cheaper, easy to use FX services to support their businesses. This is an opportunity for financial institutions of all sizes but they need robust, ...

Five Degrees Launches An Innovative Payments Solution At Money20/20

  We have put our financial engineering skills to build an exciting, innovative payments solution.  Proven at initial reference customers, the offering will be launched at Money 20/20 in Copenhagen ...

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