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Key Takeaways of the 2nd Annual Retail Banking Technologies Summit in Vienna 2018

What is a digital Bank? Banks can only be digital if all operations, front to back, are digitalized. Digital Banking seems like science fiction, and it is in a way: banks are complex. Many processes ...

Join us at Finovate Europe 2018 in London

Between 6-9 March, the world’s leading Fintech innovation event Finovate Europe takes place in London to showcase the cutting-edge banking demos and insights from 120+ fintech experts.

Masterclass series: making the switch to digitisation

When 70% of people say they would rather visit the dentist than their bank, then something has gone very badly wrong. But when a pilot scheme shows that people will donate to individual rough ...

Meet us at the Annual Retail Banking Technologies Summit in Vienna

The Retail Banking Technologies Summit  will take place from the 20th through the 22nd of February 2018 in Vienna. Key themes are the potential of blockchain technology and how digitization is ...

PSD2 : new era of open banking

The arrival of the Second Payment Services Directive into law marks a fundamental shift in the relationship between financial institutions and their customers, although its full impact will not be ...

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