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Peter-Jan van de Venn

PSD2: The dry acronym that will change banking

The European Commission’s revised payment services directive brings threats and opportunities. What will be the attributes needed to survive and prosper in this new, open world, asks Peter Jan Van De ...

The Impact of PSD2 on API Banking

 Yesterday at the annual BBA conference, Digital Banking Conference 2016, Peter-Jan Van De Venn (Chief Commercial Officer of Five Degrees) gave an inspiring presentation titled “Marketplace Banking- ...

Marketplace Banking is the only way to survive the fintech era

Five Degrees was a sponsor of the Marketforce Future of Digital Banking conference in London on June 29/30 in London. Peter-Jan van de Venn, Chief Commercial Officer of Five Degrees outlined the Five ...

Five Degrees presenting at Marketforce Future Of Digital Banking

 On Tuesday 29th of June, Five Degrees will be presenting at the Marketforce event Future of Digital Banking 2016 in London. Peter-Jan van de Venn, Chief Commercial Officer, will elaborate on Five ...

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