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Key Takeaways of the 2nd Annual Retail Banking Technologies Summit in Vienna 2018

What is a digital BRetail Banking Summit logo.jpgank? Banks can only be digital if all operations, front to back, are digitalized. Digital Banking seems like science fiction, and it is in a way: banks are complex. Many processes need to be automated and many activities need to be done to make sure clients can access a bank via any channel in a digital way.

To get there, banks need to start at the core of the bank and always put the customer at the center of their core business.

Having a great website or app does not mean you are a digital bank of course. Many questions raise talking about digital banking: how can you build a bank that is futureproof and what is true digitalization all about?

We have prepared a great presentation to answer all your questions on how to become a true digital bank. 

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