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Leaseplan Bank

Leaseplan Bank offers savings accounts and term deposits for 150,000 Dutch customers and has recently expanded to the German market. Matrix replaced the banking platform of a well-known vendor as the digital banking platform. The high ratio of straight-through processing (STP) achieved via the Matrix BPM engine, combined with the integral client view and quality of the banker interface, has enabled Leaseplan Bank to achieve a reduction in its services operations costs.

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Robo advice has captured a lot of attention in the financial services sector of late, so it is fascinating to find an institution that is putting the theory into practice. Munnypot.com is a recent arrival on the UK market and looks like the archetypal disruptor. It has a new business model, modern technology and is seeking to bring financial advice to a much wider consumer base than in the past. Matrix is one of the key foundation stones, spanning Business Process Management (BPM) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). However, as the founders have been keen to emphasise, the choice of partners was not only to do with the quality of their products but also with their culture, a shared vision, and a willingness and flexibility to accompany this pioneer on its journey.

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Knab is a high-profile challenger retail bank. It has no branches, with all services available online and via its highly rated support desk. It is fast growing and the majority of Dutch customers that switch bank in the SME segment opt for Knab. High levels of process automation, with Matrix key to these, mean Knab’s overheads have grown very little compared to its booming customer base. Matrix orchestrates all customer-related processes and the vast majority of operational processes. Customer on-boarding is 100 per cent automated, as are most other processes. Matrix provides an integrated customer view that is central to the bank’s service representatives. It incorporates products and services, full communication history (e-mail, letter, SMS) and contact history (chat logs and call logs). As such, Matrix is critical for Knab in serving its customers and managing workloads.

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Van Lanschot

The oldest independent bank in the Netherlands uses Matrix for online and offline on-boarding, online customer self-service processes and a 360-degree customer view. Operational processes have been redesigned according to ‘Lean’ principles and are orchestrated and automated by Matrix. The five°degrees platform is integrated with more than ten product systems to create an integral customer view. Matrix is the ‘master’ of all customer-related data. There are 800+ users including relationship bankers, customer service representatives and operational management. The initial business case on which Matrix was selected was to replace Siebel CRM, with the promise to replace other legacy systems over time. Since then, IBM Websphere has been replaced and Matrix will shortly replace the document management system, Documentum.

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Garanti Bank

GarantiBank International N.V. is a primary Dutch bank with offices in the Netherlands and Germany. GarantiBank is owned by the Spanish Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria S.A. (BBVA). GarantiBank offers savings products and term deposits in Euro's, Turkish Lira and US Dollar currencies. Customer base is around 30.000, mostly Dutch nationality. For the Dutch retail bank five°degrees has implemented the Matrix digital banking platform, automating client onboarding and client maintenance processes that replace manual processing, and introducing an integral client view. Matrix has been integrated with the existing core banking solution, Temenos 24, and support full STP account opening and closure.

Aruba Bank

Aruba bank is serving 80,000 customers with a full range of banking products on five Caribbean islands. The bank set out on a digital transformation project to become the most modern bank in the region by replacing legacy systems and manual processes using Matrix. Customers benefit from automated client on-boarding and self-service capabilities while employees have a full 360-degree view of the client, financial figures, related documents and customer-related activities and workflows. The result is significantly improved customer performance and a reduced total cost of ownership.
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Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance

Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance is among the top three consumer loans providers in the Netherlands. five°degrees, together with web-agency, Virtual Affairs, renewed the online client and intermediary environment and introduced an online channel for a consumer loan proposition. Matrix automated the web-based application process. A preliminary loan contract is automatically created and manual intervention is only required to validate the documentation that a client is asked to provide through the online upload facility.


five°degrees was involved in building the digital savings and mortgages bank for the Dutch branch of the Belgium bank. Argenta uses both of five°degrees’ products, Matrix as the orchestrator with integrated CRM, BPM, Communications and Documentation capabilities and Matrix accounts as the savings accounts back-end application. Matrix is coupled with the third-party mortgages systems to allow a single client view on both savings and mortgages products. Matrix is integrated with Selligent and Relay42 to enhance client and banker functionality.
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