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Finovate & Five Degrees Demos

FinovateAsia 2017 | Five Degrees | Lending Solution

Five Degrees presents innovative lending solution at FinovateAsia 2017 in Hong Kong.

FinovateEurope 2017 | Five Degrees & Munnypot | Robo-Advisory

Five Degrees CTO Bjorn Holmthorsson presents Robo-Advisory with our client Andrew Fay, CEO  Munnypot at Finovate 2017. Read our Munnypot case study here.

Five Degrees | Transforming Banking

See how you can transform your traditional core banking systems  and processes into a digital core foundation. 

Finovate 2016 | Marketplace Banking

Fridrik Reynisson (Director of Product Development) presents marketplace banking at Finovate 2016. 

Finovate 2015 | Matrix: Digital Core Banking Platform

Björn Holmthorsson (CTO) presents how Matrix can prepare you to the API banking world.

Finovate 2014 | Universal Banking in Cloud

Live demo of customer onboarding with Matrix Account by Five Degrees' CTO Bjorn Holmthorsson at Finovate 2014. 

Finovate 2013 | Matrix: Automated Workflows

Martijn Hohmann, CEO and Bjorn Holmthorsson, CTO, demonstrate automated workflows in Matrix digital banking platform at Finovate 2013.

Five Degrees at Fintech Scene:

The Wall Street Journal | Five Degrees - Transformation in Digital Banking

Five Degrees, CEO Martijn Hohmann presents Transformation in Digital Banking at The Business Debate interview.




Helping Heart | An Innovative Donation Project

More and more, we’re relying on our smart cards to make even the smallest of purchases. Yet there are still some in society who depend on cash to survive, such as the homeless.




Future Of Digital Banking Conference 2016 | Marketplace Banking

Five Degrees, CCO Peter-Jan Van de Venn presents Marketplace Banking: "How to survive in the Fintech era" at Future Of Digital Banking Conference 2016.

Finnovate Europe 2014 | Martijn Hohmann, CEO  |  Innovation in Banking

How Five Degrees helps bank to innovate by Five Degrees CEO Martijn Hohmann. 

Finovate 2016 | Five Degrees | Marketplace Banking

Five Degrees presents Marketplace Banking at FinovateEurope 2016.

ABN AMRO  Invigorating Banking | Five Degrees

ABN Amro presents Five Degrees CEO Martijn Hohmann and new banking trends.

Invigorating Banking Event  |  Finextra

Five Degrees at Invigorating Banking Event, Finextra.

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